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Campaignzee makes it easy to sell recurring and one-time subscriptions for MailChimp newsletters.

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Fast. Easy. Secure.

Campaignzee is the easiest way to sell subscriptions to your MailChimp newsletters. With just a MailChimp and Stripe account, you can sell a subscription in minutes.

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Hosted and Embedded Forms

Campaignzee gives you the ability to subscribe readers directly from your website, or using our hosted form.


Every hosted form is secured using HTTPS/SSL, and all credit card information is stored by Stripe, which uses industry-leading security practices.


Charge your subscribers in US Dollars, British Pounds, or whichever currency you prefer. Campaignzee can charge in any currency your Stripe account supports.

Customize Your List

Offer subscribers multiple plans, write a custom list description and sign up message, or require specific information on signup.


Campaignzee makes it super easy: no monthly pricing, just 10% of subscription fees. You don't pay anything unless you're making money.

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