Everything you need to monetize your audience

Campaignzee focuses on the features that impact your business the most.

International currency support

Charge your subscribers in any currency you like. We support every currency your Stripe account supports.

Multiple plans per list

Offer as many pricing plans on a single list as you’d like. Charge monthly, every 6 months, once a year, or anything inbetween.

Subscription trials

Give subscribers up to 30 days to see how they like your content before being charged.


Campaignzee supports discounted subscriptions via Stripe coupons.

Google Analytics

Want to track the performance of your hosted signup page? It’s as easy as entering your property’s tracking ID.

Recurring & one-time charges

Offer subscriptions with recurring charges or a one-time fee. You can even offer both options on the same list.

Secure signup pages

Every list has a secure hosted signup page, so you can start selling subscriptions in minutes.

Embedded signup forms

Want to take signups on your own site? With our embedded signup forms, it’s a simple as copy-and-paste.